Nexeye's schedules become clearer with Quinyx

""We use Quinyx for our workforce planning, so we have the right people in the right place at the right time.", - Marnick Boerland, Group Head of...

Quinyx is exactly what Nexeye was looking for

Nexeye's mission is to make good and quality eye care easy and accessible for everyone. The company has 724 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria, of the Hans Anders, Direkt Optik and Eyes+More brands.

Rosters & Planning

Before the implementation of Quinyx, scheduling was done in an Excel sheet that was stored somewhere on a server. Not everyone always saw that an adjustment had been made to the schedule because the system was not accessible from home. So for all schedule changes, managers had to phone around to make sure employees were aware of their new work schedule. A time-consuming process. With Quinyx, both managers and employees can access their schedules through the app on their phones, with the option for push notifications, so everyone is always automatically informed of schedule changes. "That's easier for us [as managers], but it's also easier for our colleagues," says Phillis Louage, Store Manager.

In the Hans Anders and Eyes + More stores employees have different skill sets. Quinyx shows which specialist has which skills, making it easy for managers to schedule the right person for the right customer and type of appointment. "We use Quinyx ... so we have the right people in the right place at the right time," - Marnick Boerland, Group Head of Omnichannel Infra & Logistics at Nexeye.

Punching in/out

Punching in and out is also done through the Quinyx app. The moment employees arrive at their work location for a work shift, they receive the option to punch in via the app on their phone. The clocked hours are automatically transferred to the payroll system so that all records are in order.

API connection with the Business Analytics tool

Another advantage is the data Quinyx provides. Every night, the data is passed through an API to Nexeye's business intelligence tool. This saves Nexeye time processing the data, leaving more time for analyzing the data. "This allows us to see exactly what is happening in our stores and where we can improve, for example." says Marco Rohde, Manager Yield, WFM & Data.

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