Akershusgruppen becomes more self-sufficient with internal staffing resources

Sharing Employees

At the beginning of 2022, Akershusgruppen, a popular restaurant group based in Oslo, Norway was facing staffing challenges. The group had several restaurants under its brand, but each location operated independently when it came to staffing.

This meant that there was limited sharing of employees between restaurants. Some internal sharing took place, but it often required a manual administrative process of calling and texting other managers or employees. At the same time, Akershusgruppen had many part-time employees looking for more hours.

Integrations with existing systems

Akershusgruppen decided to implement Staffers Internal Network solution that would allow them to share employees between departments in an automated and streamlined process. After researching various options, they chose a user-friendly platform that could be easily integrated into their existing systems such as Planday.

Staffers Internal Network Solution

With the new software in place, the restaurant group began seeing immediate benefits. By having a system that allowed managers to get in touch with available employees, they have saved countless hours they could have been spending calling and texting around. Not to mention reduced stress for the managers.

Employees were happier because they had more opportunities for shifts and could work at different locations within the brand.

Digitalising is the key to future success

Overall, the restaurant group saw significant improvements in both efficiency and employee satisfaction levels thanks to the implementation of this Staffers´ solution. They continue to use it today and have recommended it to other businesses in their industry who are facing similar challenges with staffing and scheduling.

“At Akershusgruppen we are very focused on the well-being of our employees and managers.

Our managers used to spend a lot of time calling and texting to find available employees, and some employees wanted more hours.  

After we started working together with Staffers in late 2021, we were able to digitalize and streamline the process of tranfering employees between our restaurants, giving our employees more job opportunities and giving our managers a tool to take care of staffing issues.”

Jonna Ek, Head of Recruitment at Akershusgruppen.

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