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Tap into Staffers 7,000-strong network of shared workers in Norway to cover temporary needs and recruit new top talent within EU.

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Our story

our story

About Us

Staffers was created by 3 former hospitality professionals with one main goal - to make working life better.
We experienced staffing pains first hand, and were often the ones that had to work 16-hour shifts as a result. We aim to give people more opportunities and flexibility, both within their own organisation and in the market in general. We believe that constant access to new opportunities provides diversity and experience for career development and employee happiness.
Staffers helps organisations work smarter by allowing them to prioritise internal employees first, who they trust to represent their brand, but also connect them to a network of qualified job seekers.


Our vision is to change the way we work, by creating a network that provides people with more opportunities.


Opportunities - “A Community of Opportunities”. Connecting people with as many job opportunities as possible.
Flexibility - To give people the flexibility and work-life balance the desire.
Optimization - Providing businesses with everything they need to operate at an optimal level.
Responsible management - Giving businesses the tools for responsible management for happy and committed employees.

Customer Case Study

Kristjana, Daglig leder
Det var veldig smidig å ansette gjennom Staffers
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Kristjana, Daglig leder
Fursetgruppen was able to lower external staffing costs greatly and also increase service levels
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